4 Troops / Spells in DESPERATE Need of a BUFF! [QUICK TAKE]

Hey Clashers! In our second ever “Quick Take” video we’ll cover over 4 spells/troops that I feel need a buff in the game! Don’t read on if you’d rather see it in the video (spoiler alert!)

I start by stating that I don’t feel Baby Dragons or Miners need buffs in Clash of Clans. I feel like both troops have valuable uses in the game and not EVERY troop needs to be the center of every attack strategy. I think they both have a lot of use (Baby Dragon for funneling, clan castle (on defense), and even for cleanup and farming. Miners are good to add front end on Bowler and Valkyrie attacks.

The “big four” I feel deserve a buff are the following:

1. Witch (no explanation needed!)
2. Pekka
3. Skeleton Spell
4. Clone Spell (only for Th10)

Do you agree? Disagree? Are you guys using Witches, Pekkas, Skeleton and Clone (especially at Th10) with success? Let me know in the comments below!

“What’s the deal with Engineered Bases?” Quick Take episode 1 can be found here:

Like the quick take series? Drop me an idea or request for my next episode below! Enjoy!

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