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Clash Royale’s pro tips series continues on CWA Mobile Gaming! Today we’ll feature SMARTLIFE trophy pushing using his signature Royal Giant Valkyrie Rocket combo deck. It’s one of the best ladder decks out there right now especially after the sneaky Valkyrie buff last balance update. We’ll watch SMARTLIFE tear up top ladder live and then jump into the arena and play a match ourselves. Enjoy trophy pushing on ladder with this deck in arena 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13! Good luck!!

►►SMARTLIFE Twitter – http://bit.ly/2JoeXd3
►►SMARTLIFE Stats/Profile – http://bit.ly/2LdsOVG

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►►Pro Deck Tips:
1. If possible, try to spread out the minions and goblin gang in order to check the opponent’s card and to stop the opponent from attacking.

2. The attacking method is RG + minion or RG + goblin gang, but other attacking methods are still viable. Pressuring with Valkyrie + minion, Valkyrie + goblin gang, Valkyrie + musketeer, etc. can be done, but having zap while attacking is the most ideal situation.

3. If the opponent drops golem, PEKKA, or lava on the back, attack the opposite lane with RG. This is done in order to force the opponent to use elixir for defending, therefore making the opponent’s push to be easier to defend. Support RG with minions or goblin gang + zap right away only if you know your opponent’s deck, and if you don’t know what the opponent’s deck is, first use RG only at the other lane, then support it with the swarm card + zap after checking the opponent’s reaction.

4. Utilize rocket for both offense and defense.
a) Rocket is mostly used to finish the tower. If you have full elixir while 30 sec remaining, you can cycle rocket twice which allows you to finish off the tower around 1300hp.
b) If your opponent plays Sparky, Executioner, or Witch at the back, use the rocket to hit both tower and unit. I would not recommend using the rocket on Bowler or Prince as they can be a huge threat in counter push.
c) When both players are at the same elixir, If I play valk at the back and opponent plays baby dragon or inferno dragon at the back, I would use the rocket to take them out. It might seem crazy, but it’s not a loss since it keeps my valk alive.

5. Tips & cautions for offense and defense
a) Play RG when the opponent does not have counter card on hand, or when you have both back up cards (minions, goblin gang, zap) to take out opponent’s defensive unit.
b) For certain situations, it’s best to play RG only at the bridge because if the opponent has ice wiz + tornado on hand, it can completely shut down all the backup units that you play with RG.
c) If the opponent played counter cards to your offensive units, go hard on offense to punish them. (i.e., when the opponent played log, play RG + gob gang or valk + gob gang at the bridge)
d) You must know how to defend with the appropriate cards on hand. It comes with some experience and practice.
e) It’s not necessary to defend everything. You can take some damage on your tower but you are able to hit your opponent hard.

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